Best Pints of Guinness

This is a trek to find the Holy Grail…… The Perfect Pint of Guinness. A LOT of research went into this survey and here are the results:

When looking for a good pint, you have to take a few things into consideration:

  • The texture of the pint
  • Temperature
  • How long will it stay fresh?
  • Presentation
  • Price

So without further a-do, here are the five locations you should visit if you’re looking for the perfect pint this Paddy’s day:

Sean’s Bar – Athlone, Co Westmeath

Officially the oldest pub in Ireland, Sean’s bar is located in the heart of Athlone Town. This establishment has been known for its tasty pint for …well…longer than anybody else.

Pint Texture: A smooth pint that has a stronger aftertaste than most. However, that’s not a bad thing, it keeps the taste on your tongue, so you come back for more.

Temperature: Cool, but not ice cold. Some Guinness is better served really cold, however that would take away from the taste of this pint.

How long will it last? The pint in Sean’s Bar is one you must consume fairly fast. You get about twenty minutes out of it at its best, so drink up!

Presentation: Served in a classic “tulip” glass, the head of the pint is perfect, taking about a minute to settle.

Price: €3.80

Kehoe’s – South Anne Street, Dublin City

Kehoe’s is well known for its top notch Guinness. With some many Pubs in Dublin City, you’d think that good stout would be easy to come by. Although some establishments in the Capital pour an excellent pint, Kehoe’s is just a cut above them. It’s quaint layout and cosy snugs make it one of Ireland’s most enjoyable locations to relax with a pint.

Pint Texture: A sweet pint that is best sipped rather than drank quickly.

Temperature: This is one of the coldest pints you will drink.

How long will it last? Considering you should sip on it, it last quite a long time. Don’t worry about your pint going stale in Kehoe’s.

Presentation: A very neat pint, with plenty of time given between the two parts of the pour.

Price: €4.55

Johnny McHale’s – Castlebar, Co Mayo

Known simply as “Johnny’s” to the people of Castlebar, this pub produces the best pint of Guinness in Co Mayo. Being a relatively small pub it is known for its wonderful ambience, friendly staff and pleasant clientele. You’re sure to enjoy your pint in McHales.

Pint Texture: For anybody who hates “soft Guinness”, you will be glad to hear that this is one of thicker pints you will drink, with the locals referring to it as  a “pint of soup”

Temperature: It varies. The pints from the top bar are cold, while the back bar has a slightly warmer pint. So there is a brew to suit you either way.

How long will it last? Once again, it varies. The colder stout will always last longer, with the warmer one being that bit sweeter.

Presentation: Johnny’s is one of a few remaining pubs that still stocks Nonic pint glasses. These are the old fashioned squarer shaped pint glass. Some people believe it makes the Guinness taste better.

Price: €3.80

The Washington Inn – Washington Street, Cork City

Good Guinness is hard to come by in Cork due to the fierce competition from Beamish and Murphy’s. Many people from the Rebel County are fonder of drinking the local brews ahead of the stuff produced by the “Jackeens”. However, if you’re looking for a top pint of Arthur’s brew in Langerland, then the Washington Inn is the place to go.

Pint Texture: A simple pint with no stand out textures or flavours. This is a pint you would give to a Guinness “virgin”.

Temperature: Once again, it’s one for a newbie. Not too cold to cancel out the taste, but not warm enough to overwhelm you with its flavour.

How long will it last? It will last long enough for a Murphy’s/Beamish drinker to adjust too. That’s about half an hour to anyone who likes their Guinness.

Presentation: The Washington Inn is one of the best pubs for pint presentation. Each drink in the pub has its own type of glass with Guinness being served to perfection in a branded tulip.

Price: €4.20

O’Connell’s – Eyre Square, Galway City

Pint Texture: O’Connell’s definitely gets the award for the creamiest pint on our list. These pints should come with a knife and fork.

Temperature: Cool. Cool. Cool. And did we mention delicious?

How long will it last? A pint in this pub will last for a good half an hour, although you’ll probably have it drank in ten!

Presentation: O’Connell’s was the first place we came across the new longer shaped Guinness glass. Like many Irish stout drinkers, we were a bit sceptical at first, but eventually realised that it made the pint even more enjoyable.

Price: €3.75

So there you have it. If you’re near one, make sure you get to one of these pubs on St. Patrick’s day to enjoy the greatest Guinness in Ireland…responsibly, of course.