Garage Team


Our team of mechanics is made up of Denis Hickey, Sean Moynihan and  Johnny O Connor. We are lucky in Kerry Coaches to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated Services Team behind us with nearly 40 years’ experience in coach maintenance between them.

Denis started with Kerry Coaches in 2002. For the first six years he worked as a coach tour driver and since then he has been a full time mechanic. He is married to the lovely Lorraine and they have a beautiful daughter, Holly. He is an avid rally fan and often takes part himself!

Sean joined the garage team in 2017 after returning from Canada, where he worked on airplane engines for over a year before he felt the call for home once again. He is also a rally fan and is often part of the mechanical team for Denis Hickey.

Johnny also joined Kerry Coaches in 2017 and is responsible for repairing any nicks and scratches that our fleet may incur throughout the busy season.

Our garage team’s experience coupled with their 24/7 approach to their work, ensures our vehicles are always in perfect running condition.