May 2013 News

May is a very exciting month here in Kerry Coaches as the summer golf and touring programmes are in full swing, the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer.We would like to welcome all those who are travelling with us at the moment; be they golfers looking for that elusive eagle, sightseers exploring the rugged landscape, conferences utilising Ireland’s fantastic facilities, families reconnecting with distance relatives through the “Gathering”  and even bird watchers discovering the diversified nature that this country has to offer.

We would like to give a special welcome to the owners and staff of SPAR. This international retail chain and franchise has approximately 12,500 stores in 35 countries worldwide. This great company employs many people here in Ireland and we are grateful that they are having their incentive in Dublin/Killarney. We hope they enjoy their week long trip to Ireland and wish them all the best in the future..

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