Garage Team


Our team of mechanics is made up of Denis Hickey (left), Timmie Brosnan and  Giedrius Gedvilla (missing from photo). We are lucky in Kerry Coaches to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated Services Team behind us with nearly 40 years’ experience in coach maintenance between them. Timmie joined the garage team when we moved into our new complex in 2000 after finishing his studies in mechanical engineering.

Denis started with Kerry Coaches in 2002. For the first six years he worked as a coach tour driver and since then he has been a full time mechanic.

Giedrius grew up around cars and coaches in his family business in Lithuania. He studied mechanics after school before moving to Ireland with his wife and family. Our garage team’s experience couple with their 24/7 approach to their work, ensures our vehicles are always in perfect running condition.